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The Brdo Congress Centre joined the other elite buildings on the Estate in 2007. Built for the Slovenian EU Council Presidency, it hosted the main sessions and provided all the necessary infrastructure for such high-level meetings.

This modern and glass-covered Congress Centre with a useful area of approximately 9,000 m2 now offers numerous possibilities for event organisation. It is a venue for business meetings, state events, press conferences, working meetings and training, as well as cultural events, gala dinners, extravagant presentations, weddings and other private celebrations. 

Safe and Healthy Meetings

In 2020 Brdo Congress Centre has, in the certification process, proven to comply with the requirements of Slovenia Convention Bureau’s “Safe and Healthy Meetings & Events” initiative.

In the finest company

The Brdo Congress Centre received the Meeting Star award seven years in a row ( from 2014 to 2020). This is a Certificate of Excellence, ranking it among the top ten conference centres in South-East Europe according to the editors of the Kongres magazine. 

In 2016 Brdo Congress Centre also got awarded with “Brand Leader Award 2016” by the committee of Business Conference South East Europe Tourism. The award recognizes leaders in setting new standards in professionalism, reliability, quality and competitiveness in the domain of Congress and Meeting Tourism on the market of Southeast Europe.

Our advantage is that we take care of everything – from planning to execution, topping it all off with superb cuisine and a wide range of other services.

Connected with nature

The architects Bevk and Perović, multiple Plečnik Award winners, designed this energy-efficient building, bearing in mind that the sitting should have the smallest possible effect on the environment. The rooftop solar power plant further contributes to the building’s sustainability. Its glass pavilion provides stunning views of the green spaces of the park, allowing one to really take in the natural scenery. The idea behind this was to accentuate the feeling of connection between the Congress Centre’s interior and the green spaces of the Brdo Park. 

Conference halls

The halls of various sizes allow events to be perfectly tailored to the clients’ needs. They can accommodate from 10 to 550 people. The venue is appropriate for all types of gatherings, from meetings, plenary sessions and conferences to working meetings and group work sessions.

The Centre is designed on three levels. All the larger halls are on the ground floor, as is the bar with separés that serves refreshments during events.

The conference halls are named after dragonflies, one of the natural features of the Brdo Estate that symbolically reflect the Centre’s policy of sustainability. Dragonflies are proof of unspoilt nature; they strive for excellence and perfection, just like the Brdo Estate.


The largest hall of the Congress Centre accommodates up to 550 people and is reserved for the most challenging events. In addition to congresses, conferences and seminars, it can be hired for various social and formal events, such as concerts, dances or banquets.

Its twelve built-in interpreter booths make the Grandis Hall especially suitable for multi-lingual meetings.


The Splendens Hall stands out for its abundance of daylight, though this can be screened out if need be. It is used for training, press conferences and presentations, but it is also appropriate for formal events with food, music and dance. The hall accommodates up to 240 people and is also appealing because of its exit to an open terrace.



The third hall on the ground floor of the Congress Centre enjoys a wonderful view of the Brdo Park. It can accommodate up to 180 people, but its movable walls make it possible to adapt it for parties of various sizes. The Glass Hall is also appropriate for working in groups as part of larger events.


This is located in the basement of the Congress Centre and affords the most privacy. Because it has partition walls, it can be divided into two, three or four smaller halls that accommodate between 18 and 180 people. The Hall opens onto a small covered terrace that is perfect for a break in the fresh air, and also has direct access from the Park.

The first floor of the Congress Centre comprises five glass meeting rooms, suitable for meetings of up to 10 people or group work.

The Slovenian Room comprises three areas that can be used for meetings or as a working space.

All the halls are equipped with modern multimedia accessories and have wireless Internet access. Depending on the arrangement of the furnishings (cinema-, school-, rectangular- or banquet-style patterns), the halls can be fully adapted to the client’s wishes. Where there are no built-in interpreter booths, mobile ones can be installed.

Your event can also be held in the event facilities of the Hotel Brdo.

Technical Equipment

The price of renting a hall includes:

  • preparation of the hall layout,
  • basic sound system: up to 6 table and 2 speaker microphones, speaker podium,
  • LCD projector and screen (except in Heros hall B and C and in the Glass hall 2 and 3, where they are charged extra as they are not built-in),
  • 1 flipchart (board with paper sheets and pens),
  • guest registration area,
  • signposts and if necessary desk nameplates,
  • floral decorations,
  • the Grandis hall has 12 interpreting booths.

All other technical equipment can be rented at an additional price.


Taste of perfection

Brdo Estate is famous for its culinary offer prepared by distinguished chefs and served by a well tuned waiters with the assistance of expert sommeliers. 

When creating the menu for each event, the emphasis on food selection is always with fresh, local and seasonal products, and of course your own personal tastes.

  • Award winning gastronomy
  • Innovative event catering
  • Working breakfasts
  • Business lunches and dinners
  • Gala dinners
  • Receptions and parties
  • Weddings

All participants of the events are kindly invited to refresh themselves at Café Zois wich is located not far from the Brdo congress centre.



Exhibition Areas

The exhibition area is offered to exhibitors, sponsors, and co-organizers of events and is an essential element of exposure and promotion when organizing conferences, congresses and business meetings...

In the congress centre, invited exhibitors are showcased in the central location of the event - the conference lobby.

Standard equipment for exhibitors includes: table 160 x 60cm, 2 chairs, electrical socket.

Maximum capacity of the hall is 28 exhibition sites with a surface of 2m2. Based on additional needs we can also provide monitors, computers, magnetic boards and easels.

Success stories

Brdo is one of the most desirable location for bussiness meetings in the region. You don't have to belive just to our words. We have gethered some of the success stories, we are really proud of.

They are presenting the vast range of events that were held in Brdo estate accompanied by our client's statements. 


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