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Brdo Estate makes wonderful scenery for various events. We offer many locations for your product presentation, meetings, congresses and celebrations.

Years of experiences with state protocol and events on the highest level guarantee the best possible service tailor-made to your needs.

We are glad our effords are getting noticed and awarded. In September 2016 Brdo Congress Centre got awarded with “Brand Leader Award 2016” by the committee of Business Conference South East Europe Tourism. The award recognizes leaders in setting new standards in professionalism, reliability, quality and competitiveness in the domain of Congress and Meeting Tourism on the market of Southeast Europe.

The Brdo Congress Centre also received Certificate of Excellence in 2014, 2015 and 2016, ranking it among the top conference centres in South-East Europe according to the editors of the Kongres magazine.

Our advantage is that we take care of everything – from planning to execution, topping it all off with superb cuisine and a wide range of other services.

In addition we present some of success stories we are really proud of, that we accomplished together with our esteem clients.


Best 4 Businesses or Bisnode for Business

Bisnode organises probably the most passionate and inspiring business event in Slovenia, Best 4 Businesses or Bisnode for Business. And they have been preparing it annually since 2012, every year with a greater enthusiasm. The concept of the event is simple - they want to inspire participants, relax them and mostly give them positive examples - that everything is possible and that restrictions are only in themselves.

Back in 2012 when the event was organized for the first time, they said their expectations were very high from the beginning. And after the event had been finished, the satisfaction of participants regarding the content of the event, of its realization and location was above all expectations. There were around 350 participants in the first year, and for next five years they recorded more than 500 participants each year. Moreover - quite a few people had to remain on the waiting list.

There is always a lot of communication, coordination and simultaneous challenge-solving in the phase of the preparation for the event. Bisnode strives to add something new each year. And they say the delivered service in Brdo Congress Centre was always at the level of excellence.

Mrs. Aleksandra Brank, Marketing Director in Bisnode Southern Markets, said: “In addition to the content and concept of the event, location and foremost superior service of the personnel in the Brdo Congress Centre plays a very important role. It is not just our observations, but mainly feedback from our customers or participants - those who attend the event every year, because they are always positively impressed with the entire execution.

As an organizer, you simply know that the personnel at Brdo will handle every situation. And the best thing about all this is, that in the morning on the day of the event, you can go to the event relaxed and full of expectations. You simply know that everything will go as it should, or even better, with some additional positive surprise. At Brdo we have always received excellent support, performance, and above all, we have established a great relationship. And when you combine all the above, we can begin to talk about loyalty. And here is the answer to the question, why is it so nice to return each year; and even more, we are increasing our activities at Brdo.”

Mrs. Brank also added a short anecdote that illustrates the extra effort of the Brdo staff: Since our event took place in the autumn, we wanted to entertain the participants with some roasted chestnuts, served in conical shaped paper. We were wondering how to implement the service of chestnuts for some time, but Brdo staff came up with a flawless solution. As we found out later, one of the Brdo chefs made a special stand for the chestnuts out of wood by himself especially for this occasion, with his ingenuity and joinery ability. Remarkable.”



Thousands of stories, trapped between the castle walls …

on the slopes of the Dvorjanski hill, every individual can become;


Strmol Castle regained its status as a luxury and a boutique hotel with its renovation. Pristine intimacy and a relaxed castle atmosphere, make our guests stay memorable in so many ways. Experience, named "The Lord of the castle for one night" takes you back in time, where guests are greeted by our castle concierge upon arrival at the castle. While settling in a luxury apartment, a sweet welcome - Strmol chocolate, awaits. Our castle housekeeper takes them on a guided tour and tells them all about the exciting adventures of the former owners. When the weather is particularly friendly, the sun invites the guests to stroll through Strmol's avenue, around the lake and other perfectly, taken care of, castle grounds.  And when they are just about to lose themselves in the timelessness of the centuries, our castle team is preparing dinner. Dinner is served in the main castle dining room, which can accommodate up to 16 guests. The menu is tailor made, by Brdo's cooking chefs and the guests’ wishes. During dinner, the castle sommelier explains some interesting facts about the wines being served. Castle dining room boasts some of the most authentic pieces of furniture in the castle. After spending the night tucked in the softest linen they will ever come across with, breakfast is served in Ksenija's salon. Lace, silverware and crystal, for a truly good morning!

Our guests, Mrs. Urška and Mr. Marko, kindly wrote an impressions of being "The Lord of the castle for one night". We gladly share those words with you: » Strmol Castle is not a hotel. Strmol Castle is an experience to remember forever. And you want it back. Again and again. My wife and I stayed in hundreds of small charming historic hotels, but only Strmol Castle is unique and unrepeatable. It takes you back, to the time of the last owners, Rado and Ksenija Hribar and you just forget the present ... At the time, when architects were changing historic buildings beyond recognition, the Strmol Castle remained the same. Unteachable. A castle that has a soul. And as if this was not enough, there are Jerca, Irena, Branka, Andrej, Damir and Blaž. Without them, we would be lost in the past. They had read every wish of ours from our eyes. Their smiles, their kindness and their professional, but still human perfection, made us feel like we were living in a time that is long gone. Oh, what a great experience is to be "The Lord of the castle for one night" at the Strmol castle. «

SUPERB CUISINE as a metaphor

Innovative presentation of advanced technologies as a culinary masterpiece

This fall, an introduction of an innovative approach to product presentation was given by Renault Slovenia and the famous Brdo Estate. The Brdo Estate, with a congress centre, a hotel, a castle and an enchanting Park with many lakes is among other things well known for its high cuisine. Functions of Renault's innovative technology MULTI-SENSE® that are included in Renault TALISMAN and ESPACE vehicles were represented to the invited guests through culinary experimental menu drawn up by the top Brdo chefs.

Overture in Green

After the overture in the form of bread bites with salt flower and selected blend of olive oil and pumpkin seed, the room suddenly filled with green light.  Brdo tuned team of waiters served the first meal, pea terrine domestic hub with pea cress, parsley foam, oil and cake. The green symbolizes Renault’s ecological driving program the ECO.

From yellow to red

A state of harmony and symbiosis represents program NEUTRAL. The plates lit up with a warm touch of the sun in shades of yellow - smoked pumpkin ravioli with yolk on the yellow carrots puree with the pumpkin Hokkaido. Red symbolizes SPORT setting in which Renault vehicles awaken responsiveness, agility, and dynamic position on the road. On the plate occurred an invigorating boldness in the form of top-quality beef tenderloin with a red wine reduction, beet gnocchi, red cabbage and roasted beetroot. White wine was replaced by red.

The grand finale

For the grand finale a dark chocolate with a caramel core in the company of semi-sweet Muscatel was served. The desert was easy as COMFORT setting of the Renault vehicles. Multi-Sense dinner rounded up with the blue colour and light music.

Without a doubt the Multi- Sense evening at Brdo Estate in the company of prestigious Renault vehicles TALISMAN and ESPACE was an exceptional event. An excitingly innovative approach to a product presentation provided by the tuned Brdo team and agency FABulatory in cooperation with Publicis Groupe Slovenija and Croatian agency Eures Tim.


The Brdo Estate represents a unique combination of history, culture, architecture and nature thanks to 500 years of uninterrupted development. A client may choose between modern multiple awarded congress centre, pleasant and cosy hotel, the Duck island in the middle of the nature and other unique and historic venues for all types of events in a pristine green setting of Natura 2000. Different event venues with strong character on almost 500 hectares of fenced park will certainly meet any one's expectations.

Many of the advantages of the vast Brdo Estate were best described through the words of one of our clients - Husqvarna, the global leader in outdoor power products, who has organized a big presentation of their products on the Brdo Estate recently:

„We are looking for suitable locations for our events, that we organize for our business partners, every year. We are quite demanding costumer, because we need huge outside areas, which offer possibility to test our machines for landscaping.

Brdo Estate certanly fulfilled these conditions – there were enough surfaces for our activities, even though we had three days long event and new customers every day. Flexibility of the employees of Brdo Estate was really impeccable.

In addition to the outside surfaces, big indoor halls are very important for our events as well. Congress centre Brdo has several of them to choose from. Modern design of congress centre, beautiful estate and excelent cuisine have astonished us and our guests. Especially guests from Austria, who were here for the first time, are happy to remember this event.

Brdo is definetly location, we will return to.”

Brdo Estate offers all in one place. Indulge concern for your comfort to our professional staff and experience the most memorable events.

can be youthful, dynamic and different

Flexibility and diversity for all tastes

Best described by the words of our client Red Orbit themself:

"In 2016 we were looking for a conference venue for the largest inOrbit to date and the bar was set very high. We wanted a place where we can fit our massive 12 meter presentation screens, a stage for the speakers, comfortable seating for 500+ guests and we wanted the guest to know and feel that they are at a premium marketing event.

After reviewing many possibilities we decided for Brdo congress center and we could not have made a better choice. The beautiful estate, the modern and exquisite conference center and the delicious food made for a fantastic conference venue. With a lot of custom wishes, special objects (table footballs, ornamental dixie toilet!, sofas, snack racks and a huge plastic box/room) we need to place around the venue and a lot of last minute additions to the conference, Brdo's staff was also very accommodating and helpful in piecing inOrbit 2016 together.

Conference venue grades were through the roof and we believe it's thanks to the choice of the venue and the atmosphere in addition to the lectures that inOrbit 2016 was such a big success. I guess it's no wonder we're going back for a second year. And we're all looking forward to it."


Magic of the night

BMW Night of Excellence at the Brdo Estate

Last winter a special evening took place at the magic Brdo Estate, where BMW Group Slovenia has organized gala event for all its employees.

More than 200 guests were welcomed with cocktails at the astonishing ice-bar outside the Brdo Congress Centre, surrounded with ice sculptures, that even emphasised the magic of the night.

Big opening was presented by stuntman on motorbike, who demonstrated bold mastery on the engine and made the guests hold their breath. Additional effect of spectacle was achieved with fireworks that painted a winter night in bright colours. 

After that the attractive programme followed inside the largest hall Grandis. The highlight of the evening was when the sheets were lifted of the two of the latest models of BMW cars and introduced to the enthusiastic audience.

Parking of two cars inside the hall was the most challenging part of the evening for the organizing team which was achieved flawlessly by the extremely professional and helpful team of Brdo. 

The event offered an exceptional culinary and entertaining experience to all the participants as well. In the remainder of the evening employees enjoyed the informal gathering exchanging impressions about the magical evening, the live musical accompaniment, casual fun games and a relaxed chat.

Thus it was proved once again that Brdo is the most desirable location for such meetings.

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