Events at Strmol

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With its uniqueness, Strmol Castle is ideal for organizing and implementing various events:

  • business meetings in the Red or Gold Salon,
  • family celebrations in the Knight's Hall,
  • gala dinners in the castle dining room,
  • wine tasting in the Castle wine cellar,
  • social gatherings on the garden terrace,
  • cultural events in the castle library,
  • romantic engagements in one of the castle salons,
  • wedding anniversary celebrations with a special ceremony unique to Strmol.


The original castle ambience makes a big impression on every visitor. The secluded location of Strmol Castle is ideal for business team building, significant planning, designing business strategies and other events where the peace and integrity of services are appreciated.

For lectures and presentations at the Strmol estate, a conference facility is also available. It consists of three halls, big from 40 to 80 m²:

  • Šumi hall (20 to 30 persons),
  • Gorupo hall (30 to 40 persons),
  • Hribar hall (30 to 50 persons).

We support all events with outstanding culinary experiences according to your wishes. Chefs trained at the protocol Brdo estate create exciting flavours through which you can experience the mysterious castle stories.


With a personal approach and superior services, we give your event a special touch. 

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    Brdo Hotel is famous for its world class cuisine and service. Indulge yourself with artfully assembled offered by Brdo Hotel - the recipient of the prestigious title"LTG Luxury Country Hotel of the Year" .

    198,00 €
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  • Romantic wedding at the Strmol Castle

    Are you dreaming of the most romantic wedding at the castle, far away from others?

    The Strmol Castle is the location you are looking for!



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  • Brdo wellness centre


    Refresh your senses and invigorate you body at the most intimate wellness centre around.


    18,00 €
    per 3 hours Mon-Fri
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