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Strmol Castle is situated on the slopes of Dvorjanski hrib ("Mansion Hill") near Cerklje na Gorenjskem in central Slovenia. In the 13th century, the Strmol Knights settled here and the fortress was named after them, keeping the same name despite the constant changes of the owners. Throughout the turbulent centuries, Strmol Castle retained its original form, making it one of the oldest and best preserved castles in Slovenia.

Strmol Castle is one of the only two Slovenian castles with original equipment. The last private possessor of Strmol Castle, Rado Hribar, was an industrialist, cosmopolitan, art lover and one of the richest men of his time in our country. He and his wife Ksenija gave the mansion its present appearance. Here they created a place for social gatherings of eminent Slovenian and European nobles of that time. With their sophisticated, cosmopolitan taste, they decorated the castle over the years with a rich collection of artworks and objects of exceptional value, which are still on display today. 

To preserve the cultural heritage, the castle was fully restored during the 2010-2012 period. 

Today, Strmol Castle is a hotel offering a unique living experience and a luxurious venue for business meetings and personal occasions.



The Strmol Castle received the prestigious award “Unique Castle of the Year 2018”. 

Castle's excellence was recognized by the specialized travel magazine Travel & Hospitality from London. The international experts evaluated the candidates on the basis of excellence of services, the design and the inclusion of local specifications and content in the offer. 



Thousands of stories, trapped between the castle walls …

on the slopes of the Dvorjanski hill, every individual can become:


Strmol Castle regained its status as a luxury and a boutique hotel with its renovation between 2010-2012. Pristine intimacy and a relaxed castle atmosphere make our guests stay memorable in so many ways.

Experience, named "The Lord of the castle for one night" takes you back in time, where guests were greeted by a castle concierge upon arrival at the castle. While settling in a luxury castle suite, a sparkling welcome awaits. Our castle host takes them on a guided tour and tells them all about the exciting adventures of the former owners.

When the weather is nice, the sun invites the guests to stroll through Strmol's avenue, around the lake and the rest of the castle grounds. And while they are wandering around, our castle team starts preparing dinner. Dinner menu is tailor made, by our chef and according to the guests’ wishes. During 5-course dinner, the castle sommelier explains some interesting facts about the wines being served.

After spending the night tucked in the softest linen, breakfast is served with lace, silverware and crystal, for a truly good morning!

Two of our guests, Mrs. Urška and Mr. Marko, kindly wrote an impressions of being "The Lord of the castle for one night". We gladly share their words with you:

»Strmol Castle is not a hotel. Strmol Castle is an experience to remember forever. And you want it back. Again and again. My wife and I stayed in hundreds of small charming historic hotels, but only Strmol Castle is unique and unrepeatable.

It takes you back to the time of its last owners, Rado and Ksenija Hribar and you just forget the present ... At the time, when architects were changing historic buildings beyond recognition, the Strmol Castle remained the same. Untouched. A castle that has a soul.

And as if this was not enough, there are Jerca, Irena, Branka, Andrej, Damir and Blaž. Without them, we would be lost in the past. They had read every wish of ours from our eyes. Their smiles, their kindness and their professional, but still human perfection, made us feel like we were living in a time that is long gone. Oh, what a great experience is to be "The Lord of the castle for one night" at the Strmol castle.«


This environment, filled with glorious history and numerous love stories, offers a fairytale wedding venue.

At Strmol Castle, we organize boutique weddings in the castle or country style for up to 50 wedding guests.

The well-tuned team of Strmol Castle makes sure you have a perfect and carefree wedding day.

Away from the everyday bustle, you will enjoy the privacy and magnificence of the event.




With its uniqueness, Strmol Castle is ideal for organizing and implementing various events, such as business meetings, family celebrations, gala dinners, wine tastings and other social gatherings or cultural events. 

We support all events with outstanding culinary experience according to your wishes. Chefs trained at the protocol Brdo estate create exciting flavours through which you can experience the mysterious castle stories.



Our castle guides will be happy to talk you through more than 700 years of castle history, its owners, various stories and past events. The tour can be part of your meeting at Strmol or a standalone experience.

Visits of the castle are available by appointment only. The reservation needs to be made at the latest two working days prior to the scheduled visit.

Information and reservations:

T: 00 386 (0)4 202 59 00


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