Information on the prevention of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) at JGZ Brdo

Last updated: 20 March 2020


JGZ pays special attention to the safety, health and well-being of guests and employees. We closely monitor the situation and the recommendation of the official institutions that we follow.


In accordance with the Order of the Minister of Health, all events over 100 participants are canceled.


In addition the following measures have been adopted:

- Villa Bled will be closed from March 12 till further notice.

- The Zois Café and the Strmol Café will be closed from March 14 till further notice.

- Guided tours of Strmol Castle, carriage rides and horseback riding programs at Brdo Park will not be conducted till further notice.

- Golf Brdo will be closed from March 20 till further notice.

- Brdo Park continues to operate.


Proposed measures and guidelines from official institutions to prevent the spread of infections:

- Avoid close distress with people who show signs of an infectious disease.

- Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth.

- if you get sick, stay home.

- Follow the rules of cough hygiene.

- Wash hands regularly with soap and water.

- During increased occurrence of respiratory infections, avoid enclosed spaces that hold large numbers of people. Provide regular ventilation of the enclosed spaces.


As the world faces the challenges of the emergence of coronaviruses, we take additional cleaning and disinfection measures at our locations wherever guests and staff are staying.


As recommended by the official institutions, if one of our guests perceives an elevated temperature above 38 degrees Celsius and coughing, we suggest that he or she contact a personal physician or medical emergency on the phone, who will provide follow-up instructions, especially if recently located in provinces with confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.


JGZ Brdo will continue to closely monitor the recommendations for action to prevent the infection spread. Should these be tightened, we will also act in accordance with them and communicate accordingly.

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