Vila Zlatorog

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Peaceful environment of Alpine pearl Bled

Vila Zlatorog, luxurious country villa with bright green shutters, attract glances and stir people's imagination.

It is settled in a picturesque nature of Triglav National Park and stands right on the coast of Bled Lake. It feels like past and present meet here.

Vila Zlatorog's story starts in the year 1896, when it was custom-built for German merchant Alfred Muhr.

The house got its name after one of the most known symbols of Slovenian nation and guardian of nature - white wild goat with golden horns (Goldhorn). Through time many important people left their mark on the builidng, which was, most of the time, ment to be the representative house for holidays and relaxation.

Nowadays it welcomes guests of State protocol and others, who want to enjoy their time at Lake Bled within this luxury house and the best services.


Venue for private gatherings

The venue for private gatherings
Vila Zlatorog is a place, where you can settle down and balance the time.

It operates under JGZ Brdo, and it is mainly intended for protocol events. For meetings of any kinds, there are two halls:
• Salon - up to 16 persons
• Dining room - up to 22 persons


The outstanding culinary experiences for our guests are in domain of the eminent Hotel Vila Bled.


Rooms and suites:
• Presidential suite
• Suite
• Two double rooms
• Single room
• Double room - attic
• Single room - attic


Pleasant rooms offer quiet and comfortable living.

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